Waxing Crescent Magick

While New Moon magick inspires us to take flight into the realm of possibilities, the Waxing Crescent encourages us to refine our intent and empower our spells.

Dragon’s Blood….deep, dark red, from Ancient trees, its smokey fragrance carries you deep into the magickal realms: Whether you use a piece of resin, some incense, or our Dragon’s Blood candles…the magick awakens new possibilities with focused intent.  

The Waxing Crescent

Open the book, light the candle and ring the bell.

By Air, Fire, By Water and Earth,

I craft this spell on hear and hearth,

I call forth vitality, strength and force’

My dragon awakens and seeks the course,

My spell complete, my magick fair,

My words of power, a witch’s prayer.

Sealed by magick of three times three,

This spell is cast, so mote it be!





New Moon Wishing Spell

     The New Moon reveals Herself still shrouded in mystery. A bit of glimmer, a thread of light, so much hidden, secretive, full of potential. A time for dreams and diaphanous wishes. I find that at the time of the New Moon, I have a sense of the wish, the dream, but not the true essence of it. My New Moon dreams and wishes emerge more clearly in the time of the Crescent or even First Quarter Moon. Still there is nothing more magickal to me than that first glimpse of the new cycle. In her book, Everyday Moon Magic, Dorothy Morrison has created a spell that illuminates the mystical energy of the New Moon.  Her spell, the Magical Wishing Bowl, provides the essential ingredients of this New Moon Wishing spell. I have adapted it a wee bit and you should do the same, the words are essentially Dorothy’s with a flourish or two of my own.

A word about the materials for this spell. For my candle I use Beginnings, a candle hand poured by Bennington Candle and for sale in my store on this site. This candle releases the fragrances of bergamot, lemon and lavender. I prefer to use a pillar and use this same candle at each New Moon phase of my personal cycle. A white candle could be used as well as any candle that calls to you in the New Moon light. The size of your candle will determine the size of your wishing bowl. I also sprinkle a bit of magick dust in my bowl. My shop sells Magic Dust from Faerie Elaine Silver, but all faerie and magic dust is optional. Dorothy does not use water in her Wishing Bowl, I choose to use water to engage the receptive and manifesting energies of all the elements in my spell.   

So dance your New Moon dance as you gather your candle, wishing bowl. some coins, water and a sprinkle or two of magick dust. Take a deep breath, light a candle, honor the Goddess and begin….

Place your candle in the center of your Wishing Bowl and add water….however little or much you choose.

Light your candle and say:

My wishing bowl you have become, By light of Moon, By light of Sun,

With curving shape and light of fire, to manifest that which I desire.

Place a coin into your wishing bowl:

By coin of one, the spell’s begun

Place a second coin into the bowl:

By coin of two, the magick brews.

And then a third coin:

By coin of three, pay heed to me.

Now is the time to sprinkle a bit of Magick dust into your bowl. I like to breathe my intentions into it as well. then place your hands over your bowl cupping the light of your candle.

Coins be seeds to feed the power, so wishes dreamed do bud and flower.

By Earth, Air, Fire,Water be blessed, my desires to manifest.

These wishes, dreams Moonlight to see, as I will, so mote it be.

Let the candle burn a bit and visualize your wishes taking form and substance. Watch to see if they emerge from the shadows of the candlelight.

Once your wishes take from be sure to write them down and place them on your altar, or journal about them. In the time of the Crescent Moon, remove the coins from your bowl, return the water to the Mother and the coins as well saying:

     To the Earth you now must go, to germinate and sprout and grow.

     Sealed by magick, the spell is spun, to manifest by Moon and Sun.

     Blessed be.   

Morrison, Dorothy, Everyday Moon Magic, Llewellyn. 2015