The Magick of Ritual

Rituals can be simple or complex, they can be composed and rewritten, or spontaneous, they can be performed by a solitary witch or a large gathering of people of like mind. Each ritual has its own special power. I often go to my altar drawn by some inspiration or some concern and perform an impromptu ritual. I often times dance my circle casting, sometimes I stand in the center and cast with my witches finger, other times I cast with faerie dust. I do still use an athame or my wand, but those are for more planned rituals rather than my being spontaneously called to my altar. I always call the Elementals and the Fifth Element, and in my mind I hear their voices…I am Air and I am here. I honor the Goddess. Sometimes I sit in silence, sometimes I speak, sometimes I dance, the work of the ritual flows from my intent. I always have a chalice on my altar and my ritual is always sealed with a sip…or even two of wine. I may pause before the releases, just because the sacredness of those moments lingers and I am often reluctant to disperse the energy that surrounds me.

I am awed by the power of ritual when performed by a group of witches who have practiced consistently together. I find that the whole is ever so greater than the sum of our parts. The energetic weaving that begins with the first moments of gathering intensifies as the ritual unfolds. Time disappears within that sacred space. We may have written a special ritual, orchestrated and choreographed our sacred work, but all that disappears within the casting of the circle and the ritual takes on a very special Magick of its own. To experience this oneness with each other is to truly touch the Face of the Goddess and to be lost in the holiness of Her embrace. The power of ritual is the power of those who honor it and who walk with the Goddess dancing between the worlds.




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