New Moon in Aquarius….Time of Imbolc

Today begins the time of the New Moon. The powerful inspirations for the New Moon cycle are released as Mercury finally is moving forward again. In my work with students, I have emphasized Moon Cycles and Solar Cycles and how they interact. I find the Waxing Moon in the Waxing year to be especially powerful for magickal workings. Intent becomes substance and the seeds for the year are especially potent.

Aquarius is the innovator, the progressive, the curious one, how does this work? How can this be made better? A New Moon in Aquarius is especially inviting for me. During my New Moon ritual, I asked a question, “What am I missing?” Being a New Moon child I find the New Moon closest to Imbolc is especially important for me…one of those times when ideas are everywhere and intent brims with overflowing … and sometimes…often times….unrealistic possibilities.  Time to consult the tarot cards, what is missing? I use a deck by Poppy Palin, Stories of the Wild Spirit,  The image on this page is the card I drew during my ritual. The Five of Earth, the Cauldron. I am wise woman and crone, I have conjured quite a brew in my cauldron and now in this new time I am challenged to improve the mixture….a dash of common sense, a dollop of creativity, a huge ladle of inspiration and many splashes of new knowledge.

The New Moon illuminates my path of spiritual, mental and physical action…a dance between both worlds…it also illuminates my path of political action. I have seen the activism of Starhawk both revered and reviled, I have seen other teachers criticized on line for taking political stances. I believe as a witch I cannot be silent….the Face of the Goddess is the face of all the Earth…and we are Her children. 

What was I missing? The strength of the brew….yes, there are ways for me to improve my personal brew, but there is more is there not? When I owned Mugwort and Malachite, I was privileged to host a workshop by Kellianna. I then attended the Women’s’ Herbal gathering hosted by Sage Mountain….Kellianna was there with drum and chants, one reverberates today…..and remember, we only have power if we claim it, if we use it….

We are a people at the full height of our power, now is the time and now is the hour. We recognize our sacred birth, we have the power to transform the earth.



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