New Moon Beginnings…

The New Moon in Capricorn…I started the morning with journal on my lap and hot coffee in my cup…and then began to dream and wander. Gemini woman born under the New Moon…I am prone to dream and wander. Follow through is my challenge but not my excuse…I use a tarot deck by Poppy Palin and this morning I decided to draw one card in honor of the New Moon…. I drew the Ace of Earth, the Seed. A New Moon in an Earth Sign and I draw the Seed. 

I try to walk regularly and since I live in an urban landscape, the RiverWalk holds a special attraction for me. On one segment of the RiverWalk there is a large labyrinth. I walk the labyrinth at Solstice and Equinox and at other times when She calls to me but today I walked swiftly by to the rhythms of Emerald Rose. Still pondering my tarot card and the New Moon possibilities on my return path, I suddenly realized the music had transformed to some selections from Ruth Barrett’s  album, The Year is A Dancing Woman. The Pentagram song ended and the shuffle of the selections conjured her song, Labyrinth…I looked up….guess where I was? You got it, I got it, I get it… the words to the song, my steps on the Labyrinth, the questions in the center, deep in my center, the answers I finally permitted myself to hear.

At the beginning of my personal Solar year, I asked a dear friend to do a reading for me, a card for each month. A twelve month spread that contained five…count them…five major arcana cards. Oh, dear Goddess, this is going to be a year! The card for December is one of the five. The card in her Osha Zen deck was XV Conditioning, in my deck it is XV the Fiddler…different cards, subtle variations but reverberating message…I had not paid much attention to that card throughout the month, but today in the light of the New Moon, the pieces fit together and I knew that Fiddler, the Labyrinth, Ruth Barrett, the Ace of Earth were messages and guideposts to challenge me to embrace again what I had chosen, to step forward with courage, bound but unbound.

I began this blog as an exploration of the wisdom of the Crone and to share my path with others.  In my heart I have wanted to be many crones. Some were elegant and strong and beautiful, some were wild and vibrant and free, some were a little of this and a lot of that. But I am a crone, my experience of myself as crone and the wisdom of the Crone Goddess I will share with you, and I will take on the challenge of follow through as I explore wondrous possibilities. I hope you will find wondrous possibilities in your life as well.Earth Mother, I honor you. I honor the Earth Mother in all of you.



Solstice Greetings…..

 The Darkest Night has past and a New Light is born. There are magickal possibilities to be grasped and intentions to be forged. Astrologer Henry Seltzer predicts a chaotic year ahead….written in the Stars and clearly visible in the World that surrounds us. A time of challenge, for us to hold firm our values and beliefs and not permit fatigue to diminish the Light we carry within. Bright blessings to you on this day. May you walk in the love and light of the Goddess. Blessed be.



Scry…..Who Me???

Dark Moon, Dark Times, the power of the journey within. I have a powerful Dark Mirror. It seems to strengthen each time I use it. A few years ago it cracked. Its pewter frame holds it together, but it is cracked. My first thought was  “Darn, it is ruined”, my second thought was “No way, it is simply renewed”…it is still beautiful and reflective of my inner journey…just a wee bit cracked.

Teaching scrying had been a challenge. I once owned a shop….Mugwort and Malachite…a truly magickal place. One day in the shop I was discussing the art of scrying with my friend Meredith and sharing stories of our own learnings… When I scry I am more likely to hear then to see…Meredith shared her initial frustration….she was at Witch Camp and they were doing a scrying exercise…she gazed deep within the mirror, calmed herself,  softened her eyes and….and….nothing. As she became more frustrated the workshop leader looked over her shoulder.  “What do you See?”  “Nothing,” she replied and then repeated  ‘Nothing,” The workshop leader smiled…told her to look again, only this time to pretend she saw something…anything….just pretend…so she did, and she did. I do not know the name of that teacher, but I know that his particular wisdom and Meredith”s sharing of that wisdom has enabled many a student to look into a dark mirror, or a bowl of water, a drop of oil or the flame of a candle, and make that inner journey….    

Imagination is the key to magick and pretending opens the door…so if you have not done so lately, why not take a look?


The Journey Within

Mabon has slipped past, and the Solstice promises a return of the Light. In the Northlands the trees  no longer display the glorious colors of the Autumn Sun, the days are short and the chill crispness in the air has turned to cold.. But I am now a witch of the Southlands where the turning of the Wheel is more subtle. There is a hint of lightness in the air, the days grow shorter but not the deliberate darkness of the Northern mountains. And yet the energy, the vision, the flow turns inward, the Dark Times of the Dark Moon intensifies as the Dark Times of the Solar Cycle urge us to turn inward. My teacher once assigned a Dark Times Journal. From Samhain to Solstice, I looked into the Dark Mirror, deep within the Darkness, then I wrote: This night I gazed into the Dark and I saw…. Like the Dark Moon, the Dark Times encourage the journey to the hidden self and to embrace the inner light, connecting to what we know, connecting to our inner truth, releasing what no longer serves, and fueling that flame of Truth.  

The Dark Times are the time of the Crone…She who holds the wisdom of Her blood within. She tends the cauldron, She who holds the secrets of the cave, She who weaves the web of the universal forces…I begin these writings to honor the Crone, to speak of Her journey,  I was never sure where it would lead, but only that I was putting one foot in front of the other and following my heart.

My Croning was a celebration of Life and of my Path, It was joyous and full of love and possibilities. It was a transition but I was dedicated to Brigid, I did not see the Crone nor face her power. On the night of my Third Degree ritual, my teacher painted lines on my face, I had seen and embraced the face of the Cailleach…or so I thought until that night. Lined face I carried Her heavy stones, finally dropping them one by one as I approached the ritual circle.  That night, within that Sacred Space, I saw Her face, I heard Her call and Her voice was my own.

The face in the mirror now is definitely crone, the lines are no longer painted, they are earned, and so I write of my journey in these troubled times.  I have many role models, many who have gone before, many who walk with me now, many who will come after….witches all. Starhawk is protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline…she is witch, activist, crone… I see her face and I remember how long she has traveled this journey for the Mother,how strong her voice has been, how it continues to strengthen in the face of adversity.  We are people of power too long silent. Each of us can make a difference, As I continue my journey within I embrace the light of my next step…I encourage you to do the same, even if it is but a candle with a prayer for Peace placed upon your altar. Hold my hand, we walk together.N