Waxing Crescent Magick

While New Moon magick inspires us to take flight into the realm of possibilities, the Waxing Crescent encourages us to refine our intent and empower our spells.

Dragon’s Blood….deep, dark red, from Ancient trees, its smokey fragrance carries you deep into the magickal realms: Whether you use a piece of resin, some incense, or our Dragon’s Blood candles…the magick awakens new possibilities with focused intent.  

The Waxing Crescent

Open the book, light the candle and ring the bell.

By Air, Fire, By Water and Earth,

I craft this spell on hear and hearth,

I call forth vitality, strength and force’

My dragon awakens and seeks the course,

My spell complete, my magick fair,

My words of power, a witch’s prayer.

Sealed by magick of three times three,

This spell is cast, so mote it be!