The Daring of A Dark Moon

There, in the darkness, it arrived. Nary a fanfare, no embossed design, no ancient calligraphy, no symbol of import. No ritual heralded its arrival, nor underscored its importance. No mystical fragrance hinted of lingering beckoning. It simply arrived, partially hidden in the candlelight of the Dark Moon, masking the face of the Empress as She  looked on from the Altar. The invitation was subtle but true….teasing…urging…giving rise to the challenge….Begin.

Ah, but can the process be trusted? To step forward without expectation or judgment, to simply open the folded pages of the invitation, peel back the layers of the silken mist… release the possibilities of the Dark Moon and the Dark Sun….

to Dare…. To Begin.

                                                                     artwork by Poppy Palin